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Affiliate Programs

Kimberton Waldorf School

Please note: We are currently listed as Kimberton Farms School on AmazonSmile. We are in the process of updating our account to Kimberton Waldorf School.

School Apparel
Purchase spiritwear via the KWS Spiritwear Store and L&W Group will donate 20% to our school.

Philly CowShare
We have now partnered with Philly CowShare, a healthy and convenient way to purchase grass-fed beef. Philly CowShare will donate $20 to KWS for each 1/8 of a share purchased. Each CowShare bundle includes steaks, roasts, cubed beef, chipsteak, ground beef, beef patties and soup bones. Every cut is individually packaged, vacuum-sealed and frozen. The beef is packed in recyclable, cardboard boxes and is delivered by refrigerated trucks. At 2 lbs a week, an Eighth CowShare will last about 6 months. You must use the link above for KWS to receive credit for your order.

Kimberton Waldorf School Spiritwear
Order your KWS spiritwear here! A portion of proceeds is donated back to the school.

Here's a great way to raise money for Kimberton Waldorf School. When you shop MightyNest, 15% of your purchase will go to the school. MightyNest sells a wide variety of healthy, safe and non-toxic products. With your help we can raise hundreds or thousands of dollars a year for Kimberton Waldorf School, all the while engaging our school community around healthy, mindful living. Just shop MightyNest using this link: http://schools.mightynest.com/schools/49343

Box Tops
Another great way to help our school earn cash is by saving Box Tops! Box Tops earn ten cents for each label from participating products. Clip your box tops and drop them in the collection box by the window in the Middle School Office. Did you know you can also shop online to earn Box Tops? Simply click here to start shopping at over 400 online stores!

AmeriGas offers a unique program designed to benefit the schools in our communities. School Days from AmeriGas will give us up to $2,000 per year to be used for books, computers, sporting equipment, band equipment, or art supplies. Save the "School Days" portion of your AmeriGas statements and send them to the Development Office, PO Box 350, Kimberton, PA 19442. AmeriGas will pay us $0.02 per gallon, up to a maximum of $2,000. .

Stream Energy
Stream Energy will give us $4 per month for every person who signs up through our specific portal. We are proud to be working with Stream Energy because they are focused on customer loyalty, offer competitive rates and provide innovative products, such as energy from 100 percent renewable sources. If you live in PA, NJ, GA, TX or MD, you can do this right now! According to Stream Energy: "We'll prove to you that when it comes to your energy, it's okay to switch to a new electric company. Really." Please click www.kimbertonwaldorf.streampowerup.biz to enter the portal that will allow you to do this and learn more about the program. They offer a 100% renewable energy option and great savings, too! .

Health First
We are very pleased to have the opportunity to offer a special offer celebrating wellness in conjunction with Health First Centers of Malvern. Based on the success of his earlier fundraiser and his enthusiasm for KWS, Tom and Nanae have offered to initiate a permanent fundraiser for our school. Here’s how it works: ANY person coming into his office that mentions being a supporter of KWS and interested in the fundraiser will have 10% of ALL future payments donated back to KWS for their lifetime and they will also receive a $5.00 discount for each visit! For example if you have a stressed out relative visiting your home you can send them to Health First for a massage, just make sure they mention KWS fundraiser.
Tom Miles, or Dr. Tom as he is often called, has been practicing chiropractic for 24 years. Tom is a graduate of Life Chiropractic College in Atlanta, and The College of William and Mary where he competed in gymnastics, which is where he flipped over his future wife Nanae who was also a gymnast. They started both of their daughters in KWS in 1st grade. Laura is now a Junior at Ithaca College, while Kathryn is in the 9th grade. Obviously they embrace and fully support the enchanting paradigm called Waldorf education.Dr. Tom is currently the chiropractor for the Temple Men's and Women's gymnastics teams. His diverse skill set of therapeutic modalities, combined with his passion for teaching and inspiring wellness, and contagious enthusiasm, makes him an inspiring healer who is focused on your health and well-being.

Each month, Bausc will forward a donation to the fund in the amount of 20% of sales for the prior month. To receive this percentage, all KWS supporters must use the following link for purchase: www.bausc.com/kimbertonwaldorf.

Customer Testimonials:
"I love the products that I ordered from Bausc. Ordering online was easy and it was shipped to me very quickly. It even included a little handwritten note from the owner, Sandy, making the experience feel personal. I'm glad that KWS is developing these partnerships with companies to allow for creative ways for the community to support them." Lyndsey Baker, alumni

“Thank you for introducing me to Bausc, Inc.!  I was delighted enough by my purchases of their entirely chemical-free, refreshing body products to send several Bausc products as gifts to two of my dearest friends:  one for a birthday, the other as a “nurture yourself” gift to one who recently lost her mother. 

All three of us are deliciously supporting our well-being with lightly pear-scented (my choice, but there are others) body washes and facial cleansers and body lotions while supporting KWS!  I spoke directly with Sandy Polentes, found of Bausc, regarding my gift requests; she responded immediately.  We all had our boxes within two days!  Her “menu-style” list of Bausc products is charming in itself . . . you’ll practically want to eat what gets delivered in her boxes – in fact, you probably could, without ill effects!

And be sure to check out the Bausc website; Sandy’s story of regained health through the elimination of environmental toxins, including those found in most body care products, is quite compelling. What a pleasant way to pamper yourself and help KWS simultaneously!” Christine Huston, alumni parent

Customers Bank
We have a way to enable you to earn up to 4 times more money on many of your bank deposit accounts AND generate donations to our organization as well. This is simple to do on your part and I encourage you to help us raise money while you increase your earnings as well.

We have joined Customers Bank’s Community Support Program. In a nutshell, when you have or move your accounts to Customers Bank, not only will you earn more money, but Customers Bank will pay us a donation based on the outstanding balances of our parents, faculty, staff, alumni and friends as well!  We will not know what products you have with the bank, nor the balances you have – that remains your private information.  The rates you earn will not be lowered due to your participation in this program – you get the same great rates as everyone else!  I have enclosed a brochure explaining how the program works and an example of some of the great rates the bank is offering.

Again, this is a great way for us to raise money – a win/win/win opportunity.

1.      You may earn more money than you currently do at your existing bank.

2.      We will receive donations based on the cumulative balances of our community.

3.      Customers Bank will grow their company.

In these challenging economic times, please seriously consider helping us and helping yourself by taking advantage of this offer. You can stop by a Customers Bank branch, or set up an appointment to open your accounts, or open them on-line from the comfort of your home at www.customersbank.com. Please make sure to provide the code KWS1 when opening the account so our organization will receive donations attributable to your account.

This is a great way to support us, without it costing you anything.  I ask for your support – we sure could use the extra money!

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New Century Bank
Please click on the PDF below to read more about this program.