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Rosebud Garden

Rosebud Garden Full-Day or Half-Day Preschool

Rosebud Garden offers a warm and home-like setting where great care has been taken to provide beautiful environments where your child’s senses will be nurtured and nourished.

In Rosebud Garden, young children learn about life by example and imitation and are offered an engaging rhythm in which each child is met and can thrive.  Children fully participate in incorporated artistic activities such as painting, coloring and seasonal crafting as well as practical household activities such as meal preparation, washing dishes, cleaning up, and laundry. Gardening and caring for our outdoor environment including feeding the birds that visit our play yard are meaningful outside activities that we do with the children.  

Central to our program is providing ample time for creative free play, which encourages joyful learning and develops the imagination.  Studies show that play in the early years is the key to success in school because play provides cognitive, social, emotional, physical and moral development.  

Rosebud Garden provides for the young child an environment held by rhythm, surrounded by beauty, carried by wonder, respect, and reverence for all life building a healthy childhood foundation that enables each child to become a self-directed, aware, and compassionate human being!

For children two to four years of age (children turning five during the school year should apply for one of our kindergarten programs). The half-day program runs from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and the full-day program runs from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. Extended day options are available through 5:00 pm. Children may attend either two, three, four, or five days per week.


Parent-Child Classes

Honoring the young child’s imaginative capacity in play, setting a mood of wonder, reverence, and enthusiasm. We strive to support parents in strengthening their parenting skills and in creating a healthy and joyful home life.

Our weekly parent-child class allows time for building skills such as preparing an organic snack of cut vegetables and fruit, as well as kneading fresh dough for buns that we enjoy together at snack time. We build our class community through meaningful, purposeful work that builds self-esteem. Children are invited to help clean up after our shared snack and/or are offered time for free play. Most children happily join in following the adults, joyfully washing dishes and sweeping.

We allow time for creative free play that encourages children's imaginations to flourish and cultivates social skills and problem solving. By observing, providing the time and space and a peaceful environment, children are able to bring out play from deep within, enlivening themselves and others around them. Our classes are meant to create a safe community for parents and offer a quiet, calm space for children where their play is honored as work.

At the end of our morning, rain, shine, or snow, we venture outside to enjoy our beautiful surroundings. This is a time where children can explore the natural world developing awe, respect, and reverence for Mother Earth. The opportunities are endless at Rosebud's garden space. There are chickens to watch, vegetables growing, trees to climb, sand to dig, and swings to sway. Time truly stops in this picturesque pastoral setting.

For families with children up to age three (children turning four during the school year should apply for one of our preschool programs described above). Expecting parents are also eligible to enroll in the class. This group provides an opportunity for parents to learn, work, and socialize together while the children play.

Friday mornings from 9:30am - 12:30am  Please call for availability.

Session 1 begins Friday, September 16, 2016:

Building a Nurturing Home:  Spiritual Tasks of the Home Maker - As caregivers we are in essence home makers. We will look at what it means to be a home maker, how we can fill and fulfill ourselves in this role, how to create our home space so that it is a nurturing space for the whole family, and healthy practices to keep us healthy and thriving.

Session 2 begins Friday, December 2, 2016:

Nurturing our Senses - During our Winter semester, we will delve deeper into a study of our senses. We will look at what nourishes our 5 commonly known senses (touch, taste, sight, sound and smell) and we will also learn about the 7 other senses that Rudolf Steiner addresses.  In modern society there are many disturbances to our senses. Overstimulation through screens, recordings, unnatural materials, white noise, manufactured tastes... The list goes on and we can easily become desensitized.  Through different yogic exercises we will explore finding balance and discover how imbalanced we may be.  It is only through our own explorations that we can heal and create a healthy, loving environment for our children's senses.

Session 3 begins Friday, February 24, 2017:  

Play as Work and Work as Play: Creating meaning in the young child's life - In our Spring semester, we will look at the importance of play in our children's life. What is the difference between free play and structured play?  How does play help to develop the brain by strengthening creative and critical thinking? How can we create an environment that encourages healthy play?  Finally we'll explore giving purposeful work to our children and how it helps to build self-esteem and will forces.

Our parent-child classes are led by Molly Brown Brett '00. Molly has been fascinated with education her entire life. Growing up, she attended schools of varying philosophies and her interest grew. During high school, her curiosity and study birthed a 30-page research paper comparing Waldorf Education to other methods. Because of this experience, she decided to transfer to Kimberton Waldorf School, from which she graduated in 2000. Molly's love for Waldorf Education continued to grow. She taught summer camp at Kimberton Waldorf School and worked at Beaver Run Camphill Special School for five years. She began at Beaver Run as a teachers aide and over the years took on more responsibility, teaching electives and substituting. Molly volunteered at the Bangkok Waldorf School while backpacking in SE Asia. Following her love for travel and adventure, Molly and her husband moved south to the Blue Ridge Mountains. There, Molly taught yoga and pilates and began to devote time to educating parents on the wonders of Waldorf philosophy by creating study groups and holding festivals. Soon other opportunities called her family further south to Asheville, NC. Molly spent a year as the parent-child teacher at Azalea Mountain School before returning home to PA. She has been assisting here in early childhood since her return. She is also passionate about yoga and pilates, which influence her daily routines both inside and outside of the classroom.

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