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The World is Visiting Kimberton Waldorf School

Each year, high school aged students from all over the world — from Asia to Europe to South America — embark on their high school careers with us. We value the cultural diversity and the individual gifts international students bring to our community.

Kimberton Waldorf School, founded in 1941, is the second-oldest Waldorf School in North America. Our school is located in Kimberton, Pennsylvania, on a 425-acre campus with rolling hills, a biodynamic dairy farm, a bubbling creek, a rich forest, and beautiful buildings. Nestled in farm country, yet only 40 minutes from the vibrant city of Philadelphia, our region is rich in cultural activities, history, entertainment, and outdoor recreation.

Our international student program allows high school students to step into a different culture while continuing their education, and has many wonderful features:

  • A safe and inclusive community, caring faculty and staff, individual attention, easy to navigate campus, and excellent academic programs.

  • Opportunities for students to develop social, spiritual, and leadership skills by taking part in music, theatre, athletics, clubs, outdoor exploration, and community service.

  • A unique chance to meet new friends, gain proficiency in another language, and learn more about themselves and the world around them.

  • Students stay with host families, who have a special interest in cross-cultural exchange, and look forward to opening their hearts and their homes.

To learn more about Kimberton Waldorf School, including further information on Waldorf Education, please click here. If you are interested in learning more about our international student program, please contact Elisabeth Burgess at eburgess@kimberton.org or 610.933.3635.


What our international students are saying:

“As soon as you enter the school everyone gives you the feeling that you are a member of the big Waldorf family.”

“There was no day where I wasn’t excited to go to school and meet all of my friends. Every day had something new, something to learn from or to show other people.”

“I took part in so many things and went to many places. Together with my class I went to Virginia on the Odyssey trip, I also went to California, Maryland, New York City, and North Carolina.”

“Every main lesson block that I took part in was amazing. It was so interesting…I had so much fun working on my main lesson book.”

“Kimberton Waldorf School is probably the best school where I have ever been and is my new second home.”

What others are saying...

“We are so appreciative that we found Kimberton Waldorf School. It has built our son as a confident, dependent, enterprising, and passionate young man.”
- Xue Ping, Parent of a current international student from Beijing, China
“After 28 years, I am still excited to come to school each day. I feel so lucky to work in a place where children are happy and love to learn, and where teachers share an educational philosophy based on a timeless understanding of child development.”
- Kevin Hughes, Dean of School
“What a wonderful experience it was to learn from these young people and to teach them and share with them the habits and nuances of American life.”
-Allyn Weiser, Host family

Below is a passage written by Simon Sasse, an exchange student from Germany.

My name is Simon Sasse. I'm sixteen years old and I live near Lüneburg, Germany.

I have been here in America for three months already. One year ago I decided to go on exchange to a country where you speak English and my favorite was the USA. I asked some friends who have been to America on exchange if they know someone who could help me. Through several people I finally got the contact of Shaan Callesen, who lives on Camphill Beaver Run and that worked out pretty well, although I am one year older and because of that I am not in his class. I really like the school although it is different to mine in Germany. The classes here are way smaller which makes it easier for me to learn or that you have school until 3:10 every day. In Germany, where my school is, we have sometimes school until one or two but I think it is just easier because the students go home on their own.

When I arrived here everything was so new and exciting, even simple things like that there are so many trucks or the typical American school buses. Of course I got used to it after a while but to speak English the whole time is still really fun and I really enjoy it. I also discovered how complicated and full of exceptions the German language is.

I really loved to go to Philadelphia and New York. It was nice to leave the countryside and to see two of the famous cities of the USA. I must say that I really miss things like public transportation which are way better in Germany. For me it is kind of annoying that you cannot go somewhere without someone driving you. What I really like about living in a Camphill is that you have people around you always.