• Sunflower

October 15, 2013

Kimberton parent and Board member Seth Bacon had a swarm of bees leave his hive this spring. Seth explains, "it is normal for some of the bees in a hive to leave, or 'swarm,' with a new queen to start a new colony. They land on a branch of a tree and you cut them down and put them in a new beehive (this is how they reproduce as a species). I heard that the hives at school died last winter, so I gave Celia [Martin] a swarm---which is about two or three pounds of bees (± 5,000 bees) and a queen---to start a new hive."

During their study of bees this month, the 10th Grade opened the school hive for a fall inspection to see whether the queen was laying eggs and whether the bees had collected enough honey to make it through the winter (they eat honey during the winter to survive). The bees did not have any extra honey to share since they are still a young hive, so Seth brought in several frames from his hives at home.

The students worked diligently on Wednesday, October 9 to extract three and one half gallons of honey. They put the honey frames into a honey extractor, a big barrel with a centrifuge inside it that spins the honey out of the frames when the crank is turned. The honey hit the inside of the barrel and drained to the bottom. Then, they poured it out through a drain, passed it through a sieve to get the wax and other particles out, then bottled it into little honey bears. 

This delicious honey has a very special purpose. The little honey bears have been set aside to be awarded to the members of the first class to reach 100% participation in the Community Spirit Fund. This can be the first class of parents or the first class of alumni (though prizes must be picked up on campus).

To make your gift to the Community Spirit Fund and help your class win this freshly extracted honey, please click here.

Seth is also this year's Community Spirit Fund chair. He can be reached at  with questions.

What a SWEET way to kick off the Community Spirit Fund!

Special thanks to our resident filmmaker and Dean of School, Kevin Hughes, for providing the video clips below.