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October 15, 2013

Oh Michael,
I entrust myself to your protection.
I unite myself with your guidance
With all my heart's strength
That this day may become the reflection
Of your destiny ordering will.

                                                        --Rudolf Steiner

This year's Michaelmas celebration exceeded all expectations. The weather was perfect and many families gathered on campus for a day of seasonal festivities.

The day began at 8:05 am with the assembly in the Gymnasium. Students and faculty stood in a semi-circle and sang verses one and three of Michaelmas Time. Carmen Maciarello told the Michaelmas story.

Then the Lower School students dispersed throughout campus to work on their assigned tasks:

  • The 1st Grade worked on the flower bouquets and planted bulbs.
  • The 2nd Grade made butter and planted bulbs.
  • The 3rd Grade made cider, made butter, and planted bulbs.
  • The 4th Grade worked with a group of parents to make the dragon bread. They baked the bread in the cob oven that they built from nothing last year.
  • The 5th and 6th Grades created banners for each of the classes to carry. 
  • The 7th Grade assisted the 1st Grade and worked on the sandbox project.
  • The 8th Grade helped Food for Thought prepare the lunches, decorated the bags, and planted bulbs.

The pageant began at 10:30 am. Musicians from across the grades performed, while the rest of the community watched attentively. The 9th Grade reported to the Forge to create the loud, metallic, dragon noises. A hush fell over the crowd as Michael rode into sight on a beautiful horse, dismounted, and traveled down the grassy hill toward the dragon. Each class played a part in the pageant; the students were fabulous performers.

Later, after grace in the round, the meal began. Food for Thought worked tirelessly to prepare delicious picnic lunches for all. "Blessings on our meal!"

The afternoon was filled with crafts and games galore. Children and families had their faces painted, navigated the Labyrinth, jumped into huge piles of hay, crawled through the Spider Web, attempted to procure pretzels from the Pretzel Tree, fought dragons, tossed bean bags, jousted with pool noodles, made GIANT bubbles, made apple prints, and so much more!

The day provided another opportunity for the 12th Graders to spend time with their 1st Grade buddies. What a blessing to see how much the pairs have bonded already!

The entire school joined together at 2:45 pm to sing before dismissal.