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Food for Thought

Hello there!   Curious about our organic lunch program?  Imagine your child could eat a hot lunch every day made from local, organic, non-GMO ingredients for approximately $5 - $7 per lunch. 

We believe every child learns better and behaves better when they are properly nourished.  That’s why we have created an organic, from scratch hot lunch program. 

Our main source of fresh vegetables and fruits is our own organic / biodynamic school garden!  What we cannot grow ourselves, we source from local CSAs and farms.  Our 100% grassfed ground beef comes from the biodynamic farm across the street from the school.  Our yogurt and cream also comes from 7 Stars Farm.  Our bread is from an artisan baker less than 1 mile from the school.  Our chickens come from a soy-free organic farm which is owned by one of Kimberton’s parents. 

Food is grown and harvested in our garden, served at lunch, and then composted back into the garden.  Gluten-free and vegetarian options are available every day.

We also offer organic, from scratch, bone-broth soups to the parents every Wednesday.  Don’t have time to cook dinner?  We also offer Dinners to Go every day.  Take home chicken pot pie, meatloaf, shepherd’s pie, or any of our other menu items so that you never need to cook dinner again.

Our snack bar offers all organic, freshly baked items such as organic popcorn, cookies, homemade popsicles with apple cider made from our own apples, and more.

Most children love the food and often come back for seconds or thirds!

We believe children are healthier and happier when served organic hot lunch every day.  We hope you hold a similar vision and will help us to achieve our mission.  

Click here to view or print our lunch menus.

Three ways you can get involved or support what we are doing…

  1. If you have a child at KWS, please join our lunch program – and never worry about packing lunches again!  Download the file below to opt-in to our lunch program

2)      Pick up our Soups to Go.  Every Wednesday is Soup Day and we are happy to offer our organic, from scratch bone-broth soups to YOU, parents and friends of KWS.   Pick your soup up on Wednesdays from 3pm – 4pm.  Consider a weekly soup subscription to get a great deal on these nourishing soups!  Download the soup order form below.

3)      Pick up our Dinner To Go.  Our lunches wrapped up for you to take home to serve to your family for dinner.   Simply come into the kitchen between 8am -4pm and  get Dinner To Go.

To learn more about our organic hot lunch program, contact Cara Bergman, Kitchen Manager, at 610.933.3635 ext 133 or 

We look forward to serving you.  Thank you so much for your support!