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Board Meeting

High School Library


1. Opening verse
To resolve our past requires knowledge. To forge our future we need courage.
 To experience the present we must develop dedication. Our thinking needs riddles to wake up.
 Our feeling needs pain to mature. Our willing needs resistance to become strong.
 May this school be blessed.

2.  Approval of January minutes

3.  Questions or concerns of guests

4.  Admissions/Outreach updates

5.  Commitment Deposit change proposal
Action Item from last meeting: Kevin will talk with the faculty about a policy for what to do when a family has not made a commitment and we have another family who could take that spot. It’s important to have a consistent policy decided.

6. Third Early Childhood class/space proposal
a) Report from Kevin on historical retention of Rosebud students. (Did the expansion of Rosebud two years ago yield more students in the lower grades?)
b) Septic capacity follow-up from Seth with Chester County Health Department
c) Architect findings per Rosebud barn vs. upstairs vs. Kindergarten

7.  Five-year plan update
How to grow revenue at a faster rate than we grow expenses 

8.  Advisory Board proposal and nomination suggestions
Enlist a collection of former Board members for two special sessions per year with Board to solicit historical perspective, brainstorm, etc.

9.  Articles of Incorporation and Board tenure