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No School

Bantam Girls Basketball at Collegium

Away Game
Dismissal 2:25
Return 6:15

Bantam Boys Basketball at Collegium

Away Game
Dismissal 2:25
Return 6:15

Varsity Boys Basketball at Collegium

Away Game
Dismissal 2:25
Return 5:45

Varsity Girls Basketball at Barrack

Away Game
Dismissal 2:15
Return 6:15

Varsity Boys Basketball vs. Perkiomen

Home Game
Dismissal 3:00

Coffee Cart

Stop by to enjoy a cup of coffee and conversation with other KWS parents!  Coffee Cart is held every Friday morning in the Parent Hub.

Varsity Girls Basketball vs. Collegium

Home Game
Dismissal 3:00

Bantam Basketball Mini-Tournament

High School Gymnasium

Bantam Boys Basketball vs. Wyndcroft

Home Game
Dismissal 2:55

Bantam Girls Basketball at Wyndcroft

Away Game
Dismissal 2:30
Return 5:30

Varsity Girls Basketball at Renaissance

Away Game
Dismissal 2:45
Return 5:15

Discover the Lower School

We warmly welcome parents and caregivers, especially those with children in Rosebud and Kindergarten, to attend an interactive evening focusing on first-grade-readiness and the journey through the lower school.

Our Discover the Lower School Event will be held on Monday January 12 at 7:30pm. We will begin the evening in the White Rose Kindergarten classroom where we will provide an overview of the kindergarten to first grade transition process. We will then move to the first grade classroom where attendees will have the chance to:

  • gain a deeper understanding of the Waldorf educational philosophy, including a comprehensive curriculum overview and an exploration of how reading, mathematics, and science are taught in the lower school

  • explore how the Waldorf pedagogy is designed to specifically meet the unique emotional and social needs of young children, strengthening students’ intellectual, emotional, and social skills in preparation for middle school and beyond

  • meet and interact with faculty and tour our lower school classrooms

Bring your enthusiasm and questions!

Discover how our lower school educates the whole child — head, heart, and hands — and provides for a life-long love of learning and meaningful engagement with the world.

To register for the event, please click here.