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Foundations of Waldorf Education

Foundations of Waldorf Education
Led by Sunbridge Institute

Tuesday, September 23
7:30 pm
High School Library

Have you ever had a difficult time explaining to someone clearly yet briefly what Waldorf is and why you have chosen it for your family?

Do you feel overwhelming gratitude for the loving environment that your Rosebud or Kindergarten child enjoys each day but wonder about what happens in the Lower School and High School here at KWS?

Are you interested in learning about the foundations of Waldorf and how it has developed into the style of education we are so pleased to be offering our children?

Do you love any and every opportunity to spend time broadening your knowledge, along with other likeminded parents, here on our beautiful campus?

If your answer to any of these questions is YES, we hope to see you at the 'Foundations of Waldorf Education' workshop presented by Sunbridge Institute. We encourage ALL of our parents to attend this very important seminar.

Presented by the inimitable Anna Silber, director of education at Sunbridge Institute, this seminar is the perfect way for you to gain a greater understanding of the Waldorf pedagogy and classroom experience. You'll be thoroughly immersed in everything Waldorf, from its underpinnings in anthroposophy and Rudolf Steiner's insights into human development, to highlights of the Early Childhood, Lower School, and High School curricula.

Here is what attendees from the weekend offering of this workshop had to say:

~  I came with the intention of learning more about Waldorf Education. I am leaving with a feeling of a shifting of my soul.

~ This weekend gave me just what I was looking for: a great balance of practical and philosophical aspects of Waldorf Education presented in a cohesive way.

~ I feel like I have a much deeper understanding of what it means to look at the world through the Waldorf lens.

We sincerely hope that you will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to learn more about Waldorf Education!