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Tempus Social Entrepreneurship Conference

Tempus: A Social Entrepreneurship Conference
March 14 & 15, 2014

Social entrepreneurs are people who create a business based on an idea for solving a social issue. Unlike most business entrepreneurs who model their business with the goal of making a profit, social entrepreneurs take into account the impact that their business can have on the world and society. Social entrepreneurs see a need in the world and try to meet that need in an innovative way.

At Tempus, successful social entrepreneurs will share their stories and what their personal motivations were to start their businesses. They will also describe how they managed to keep their business economically successful while still fulfilling their original mission.

After a speaker talks, there will be a discussion time in which the speaker can answer any questions or concerns about starting a socially driven business. There will also be an elevator pitch competition later during the conference, which will be a great time to try to market any budding ideas.

This conference will give you insight into the impact that a socially driven or responsible business can have and how you, as consumers, can make a conscious decision every day to help social and environmental causes.

Come join us at Kimberton Waldorf School on March 14-15, 2014 and be inspired by other people’s commitment to making this world a better place. Learn to “Do Well By Doing Good” and you might make a huge difference in the world. 

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