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What Our Parents Are Saying

"Watching the growth and development of my children at Kimberton this year has been an amazing journey for our family. The joy on their faces when they come home and tell us what they did in school is wonderful. The curiosity and enthusiasm with which they are learning is beyond compare. Coming from a mainstream education, the changes in them are immeasurable. It is just incredible to watch the transformation and imagine the adults they will become---adults that have solid academic knowledge along with a love and respect for nature, earth, the arts, music, and the world around them. What more could we want for our future?"
-Dina, parent of Paul '17 and Isabella '20

“We say we want our children to surpass us, but I have to admit it's a little uncomfortable when they do so. The cool thing, of course, is that he's just one among many great people going out into the world from Waldorf schools. We who were children of the sixties, wanting to change the world, may yet do so through our children!”  
-Clifford, parent of Brian '11

"During my daughter’s initial interview, she asked about academics. She said she heard that Kimberton Waldorf School was an ‘artsy’ school that didn’t really focus on academics. We were assured by the committee that wasn’t the case. Well, we can tell you this: we have never seen Maggie so focused and challenged academically. She wants to succeed and she wants to learn, and it was like this for her almost immediately when she joined her class. In my opinion, for parents of prospective students who may be coming out of a more traditional system, it needs to be emphasized that academics are paramount at KWS, although approached uniquely, yet they prepare children and young adults for a wonderful future."  
-Bryan, parent of Maggie