• Middle School

Change and Renewal Task Force

The Change and Renewal Task Force was formed and mandated by the Board of Trustees to develop an action plan to help Kimberton Waldorf School achieve four goals: Financial Sustainability, Pedagogical Improvement, Enhancing School Communication, and Welcoming Parents as Integral Partners in the Mission of the School. The members of the task force are Andrew Kreider (parent), Michael Campbell (parent), Deb Merroth-Ahola (alumni parent and Upper School Core Team Leader), Katie Hynes (alumni parent and Board member), Nancy Coe McLane (parent), and Carmen Maciarello (faculty member). The task force works closely with Kevin Hughes, Dean of School, to develop the action plan, assign owners to each action and deadline, and to track progress. Many of the actions on the report have been achieved and we are making good headway on the rest. A sub-task force of this group has been formed to develop a three and five year financial plan for the school. Members of that group are Michael Campbell and Eric Mitchell (Eric is a current and alumni parent and also on the Board’s Investment Committee).