• Middle School
Kimberton Waldorf School
Board Meeting Minutes
October 30, 2013
Present:  Kevin Hughes, Deb Merroth-Ahola, Katie Hynes, Robert Powell, David Hunter, Mike Precopio, Seth Bacon, Allyn Weiser, Jon McAlice, Lael Rasch, Sherry Wildfeuer, Karen Flores, Ellen Fiorito, Emily Shaker, and Mike Liss, who was honored with gratitude and appreciation for his six years of service on the Board.
Mike’s advice to us is to Dream Big—not just of subsistence but of thriving.  This school could be a beacon for all that needs to get better in the world. 
--Karen Flores and Ellen Fiorito presented the recent changes in the Food For Thought lunch program.  They worked all summer to envision an improved, sustainable program by speaking with other Waldorf Schools.  A key ideal for them is to provide nourishing and delicious food also for people with special diets.  The program has been financially unsustainable; staff has been cut.  This year they have given people a choice to be in the program and pay for 5 days a week or to have to pay extra as “walk-ups.”  They have added a salad bar and serve leftovers the next day so there is no waste at all.  The method of serving in the Lower School has shifted to family style, which has been an improvement.  They have also started a School Snack Bar.  Kindergarten now gets lunches, and many parents are buying soup to go once a week.  Karen and Ellen went to every grade’s class meeting. 80% of the students eat the school lunch.  Of the 20%, many do not because of financial reasons.  Karen and Ellen suggested that the lunch be included in the tuition in the future.  They feel it should be an integral part of our school.
--Allyn spoke about her work towards a 5 year projected budget.  Two people from the Task Force are also working toward such a long-term financial overview.  This will come together at the November Board meeting.  Jon spoke to the need to invest in parts of the school for a specific time to strengthen them.  
--A revised/updated budget was submitted by Kevin and Allyn.  We approved the revised budget unanimously.
--We are still searching for a Development Director.
--Our host-family high school boarding program and its future needs were the subject of discussion.  A working group of the task force is looking at possibilities for expanding the number of boarding students who come to the High School. 
--David reported that the new website is still in preparation.
--Emily gave an Outreach update.  Meg Riefer has been hired as a Marketing Assistant and she has been active publicizing our events, and has put together a fact sheet about the high school while the full brochure is being prepared.  There were 45 families at a Discover Our High School open house, which featured mini Main Lessons.  It was a great success.  There will be another one on January 11 in conjunction with the Bantam Waldorf Basketball Tournament.  There was a Waldorf Works event that catered to education consultants and admissions directors of potential feeder schools.  Lael and Emily have been working on parent education about the underlying principles of Waldorf Education—there will be a special event offered to KWS parents in January.  Media-consciousness will be the focus of an event for parents on November 18.
--Seth gave a report on the Annual Fund (the Community Spirit Fund).  There is an increasing role for parents in this endeavor through the Association of Parents.
--Four of our Board members participated in a training session for Board members put on by the Association of Delaware Valley Independent Schools.  David reported on some of their recommendations.  We recognize that our Board needs to grow in numbers and we learned that we are meeting more frequently than advised.  At our next meeting we will take up some of these recommendations.
Next meeting will be November 21.  Katie Hynes sends her apologies in advance.
Submitted by Sherry Wildfeuer, substituting for Andrea Boos, who could not be present