• Middle School

Kimberton Waldorf School
Board Meeting Minutes
January 29, 2014

1.  Admissions/Outreach Updates. Emily Shaker has been working on three major outreach priorities for increasing enrollment:
a) Develop an ambassador program in the outreach committee. Next steps are to get everyone together for a meeting. 
b) Develop a merit scholarship program.
c) Visits to feeder schools and other professionals. Emily visited ten different schools in the last three weeks to meet with their placement people. Everyone she has visited has agreed to come to Waldorf Works on Thursday, February 20.  We’re donating a week of our summer camp to several silent auctions of feeder schools – great idea!

Help Wanted: We are looking for a volunteer to videotape some of our evening events. Anyone know anyone who might volunteer?

2.  Commitment Deposits. Commitment deposits of $1000 are due March 7, 2014. The fee for late receipt of the commitment deposit is now $500. Timely receipt of contracts allows the School to plan budgets for the following year based on actual school attendance levels.

3.  2014-2015 Budget. The new budget projects a balanced budget. We’re looking for ways to encourage more donations and larger donations. Also looking for ideas to encourage retention of families. 

4.  Third Early Childhood Class Proposal. The Rosebud program is full and has a waiting list. This is the part of the school in which we’re having the most growth. Having another class would provide a broader base of students for the elementary school. If we’re going to renovate the barn to accommodate a third class, we need to make a decision by March. 

5.  Five-year Plan. The plan needs to include growing revenue at a faster rate than we grow our expenses. The five-year plan will be a topic for the February meeting.