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Kimberton Waldorf School
Board Meeting Minutes
February 26, 2014

Outreach and Admissions: 

Discussion around using PCR giving us a better sense of where we are with admissions, particularly with respect to “same time prior years” comparisons.

  • Explanation of enrollment dashboard
    • What accounts for the discrepancy between accepted and enrolled students on a given year?
    • Do the figures exist for where we are today – in terms of where we had budgeted?
    • Formal request of a snapshot of where we are today – called out into its own individual cell on the dashboard for ease of tracking enrollment issues.
    • Parent question and discussion on how the budget is formed.
    • Explained looking at a 5 year plan. Very preliminary projection of no deficit next year.
  • Discussion of John Wulsin’s talk on adolescence and video-taping it. What is the best way to use the video?
    • Put it out for everyone to see?
    • Live stream?
    • Will making the videotapes available reduce attendance at the actual event?
    • Board recommends not limiting access to parent education materials

Contracts for 2014-2015 School Year:

Contracts are due for all families planning to attend KWS next year. There are  classes with a waiting list, and parents in those classes will be informed as to the deadline after which the school will no longer hold a place for students currently in the class who have not returned their contracts. It is important that families in those classes let the school know if they are planning to attend KWS next year so the budget can be created and waiting families can plan appropriately.  

Third Kindergarten Proposal:  

Based on feedback from our Architects, the focus has shifted from creating a space in the Barn at Rosebud, to instead renovating the existing kindergarten to add a third classroom there. The Governing Team is asking the Board to approve funding for the architects to work on the renovation and plans to expand further in a 3 – 5 year plan.

  • The cost to have the architects produce plans for the 3rd kindergarten classroom would be $7,400.00. The finished product would be something we could give to builders for quotes and construction.
  • Septic as a question – Seth Bacon is checking with Bob Godshall and township
  • Additionally, our architects have re-examined the code issues pertaining to the 2nd floor at Rosebud, and feel there may be opportunities there. They propose a smaller project in parallel to explore future possibilities for expanding early childhood, consistent with increasing our capacity to fill our 1st grade internally. 

Motion: Katie Hynes moved that the Board approves the proposal for funding, not to exceed $10,000 for the architects to create plans for the renovation of the Kindergarten to add a third kindergarten space and for assessing the possibility of additional early childhood space.  Mike Precopio seconded. Motion passed.  

Five-Year Plan:

  • Review of Allyn Weiser’s budget plans
  • Question from Emily Shaker on development budget – is the number realistic?
  • What is the goal we should have  - what is a reasonable target?
  • What is the plan for refining expectations? Work with Kevin Hughes

Advisory Board:

There is interest in utilizing the skills, perspective and memory of prior Board members to assist the current Board in forming strategies in special, focused sessions outside the regular Board meetings.

  • Comprised of former Board members, friends of the school, and prospective Board members
  • 2 sessions each year
  • The existing Board poses the question and facilitates
  • Need independent moderator to keep the focus and meeting working
  • Next steps
    • Names of possible participants
    • Combine with list from nominating committee
    • Send list to board for review
    • Plan first session for summer 2014
    • Up to 12 initially

Bylaw Revisions:

  • Allyn Weiser reviewed with our attorney (Ron Surkin) where we are in this process
  • Before we propose changes to the document
    • Review in relationship with Board training materials
    • Review Board tenure:  Lack of historical knowledge puts the school and Head of School at risk
      • Three 3-year terms are deemed current “best practice”
      • Our Board currently smaller than recommended
      • Best practices suggests about 50% current parents
    • David Hunter to contact Mike Liss per his thoughts on status and direction, since he initiated this with our attorney and last worked on it